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    Laboratory Expectations

    • You will need to verify your insurance with the Patient Registration staff at each visit.
    • We will ask you for a lab order which should include a diagnosis (ICD-10 code) and should be signed by the ordering provider. Please be aware that we cannot perform ANY lab tests without a signed order. Occasionally, your provider may call or fax a lab order. These are kept in our files until you arrive.
    • For certain tests, we may ask if you have been fasting. Please verify with your provider if fasting is required before having the test done.
    • Ask your provider if you should change your medication routine before having laboratory testing. 
    • Medicare patients may be asked to sign a waiver accepting financial responsibility if the diagnosis provided does not cover the tests being ordered.
    • Some insurance companies require the use of specific laboratories. Please confirm in advance if the Livingston Hospital laboratory will be covered at the in-network level.
    Contact Us if you have additional questions, or call 270-988-2299.