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    Our Approach
    Whether you are a competitive athlete or you simply want to enjoy a stroll around your neighborhood, orthopedic health is critical to your quality of life. The orthopedic and sports medicine team at Livingston Hospital treats injuries and disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles so you can get back to moving through life with greater comfort and ease. 

    Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon offers comprehensive orthopedic services from the time of injury or diagnosis and throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process. If you're suffering from an orthopedic problem, no matter how minor or significant, our experts can help.

    The Orthopaedic Institute of Western Kentucky will be providing orthopedic services at Livingston Hospital. Dr. Jason Patton is now seeing orthopedic patients at his office located in Livingston Hospital. He will be providing comprehensive orthopedic services from diagnosis through treatment. If you are suffering from an orthopedic problem, we can help.

    To book an appointment please call 270-988-4423.