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    Nutrition Services

    Our Approach
    Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are recovering from injury or illness or managing a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease, what you put in your body matters to your overall health. Livingston Hospital is committed to helping patients understand how nourishing, well-balanced meals can improve their treatment, recovery and quality of life.

    How We Help
    Our registered dietitian provides nutritional care and counseling for all inpatients, observation patients, surgical outpatients, and swing bed residents. They will work with your attending physician to develop a plan of care and prescribe/order the appropriate diet. Nutritional care provided by our registered dietitian when ordered by physician involves the following: 
    • Performing an in-depth nutrition assessment of all patients identified as at risk for nutrition related problems.
    • Ensuring that physician orders are fully carried out.
    • Having a clinical dietitian act on consults within 72 hours of receipt.
    • Developing, implementing, and documenting an individualized plan of care for each patient.
    • Analyzing subjective and objective information to define nutrition problems and goals.
    • Monitoring patient response to planned interventions through assessment, addressing previously identified nutrition related problems.